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Millie A. Johnson, Principal

Known to her clients as “Value Creator,” “Systems Shaper” and a “Consultant with the discipline of seeing wholes,” Ms. Johnson teaches disheartened and/or discouraged nonprofit leaders how to build sustainable and successful nonprofits.

With over 20 years’ experience in the fields of organizational leadership and development, fundraising, and micro-enterprise development, Ms. Johnson brings comprehensive problem-solving skills to local, national, and international organizational development projects. She has extensive experience in every phase of strategic management and systems development processes and brings a multi-discipline approach to business operations within the private, nonprofit and governmental sectors.

From 2000, and prior to forming High Impact Consulting in 2010, Ms. Johnson successfully coordinated the human resources and economic development programs for women-led non-government organizations (NGOs) in Baltimore, New York, and in cities in Latin America, and the Caribbean. She also has exceptional talent for handling complex community dynamics using global training and development techniques.

Ms. Johnson’s strengths are working with organization leaders and individuals in a consensus-based, creative and interactive manner for effective leadership, strategic financial planning, and program development. As program leader for an internationally acclaimed leadership development company (Landmark Worldwide), Ms. Johnson is particularly concerned about the needs of women in local communities, and upon request, brings gender lens and perspectives to improve organization development practices.

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